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marlene and ludo baking and whatnot at ludos house on tuesday. (sorry… - In The Calm: OOC Community [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Dec. 31st, 2003|11:22 pm]
In the Calm: OOC Journal


marlene and ludo baking and whatnot at ludos house on tuesday. (sorry its late :P)

ashleyburgerette: ludo thundered down the stairs, fresh from a shower and full from breakfast. the snow outside was crisp and white, but the warm kitchen was far more inviting.
ashleyburgerette: he rounded a corner and nearly ran smack into marlene.
MeccaStur: "Ouch." She exclaimed, despite the fact he hadn't hit her. Grabbing his hand she pulled him into the kitchen. "Ahhhh, warm." she grinned, rubbing her hands together having dropped his. "Thank you, Ludo."
ashleyburgerette: "no, thank you! its so much fun just having you here." he tweaked her nose and strode over to a cubbord. ((i cant spell)) pulling out ingredients, he called over his shoulder "as i told you yesterday, we're baking, and we have all the supplies and recipes for virtually anything. whats your pleasure?" ((dble entendra!!!))\
MeccaStur: "Chocolate." She said immediately, addicted to the stuff. "Chocolate cookies?" She added hopefully, coming to peer over his shoulder. "Please? It'll be great. We'll make cookies, and cover each other in flour, and get bits of dough in our hair, and then we can eat the cookies and everything will be GREAT!"
ashleyburgerette: ludo calmly grabbed a handful of flour and threw it over her head. "just getting a head start" he said, moving down to the drawers to pull out bowls and measuring cups. "how about chocolate chip fudge cookies? its my aunts recipe. i can only eat 2 or 3 before i throw them up, they're so rich but so damn good. "
MeccaStur: Growling playfully at him, and grabbing her own handful of flour before deciding to wait and make a sneak attack, she nodded. "Only 2 or 3? I'll beat you, I bet now. Let's make them." She gestured at herself. "ER...give me a task.
ashleyburgerette: ludo laughed. "first, put that handful of flour down, miss discrete. then crack these eggs and start stirring. i'll add everything so you don thave to measure." ludo bustled about the kitchen, not afraid to hide his proficiency at cooking. "so, marlene... would it be a bad idea for me to bring up mr potter?"
MeccaStur: Holding a cracked egg in the air, frozen for a moment, Marlene finished breaking the egg and grabbed another before shrugging. "I don't know why not." She said, trying for nonchalant. That didn't prevent her from trying to change the subject. "You're a good cook, Ludo, how come I didn't know that?"
ashleyburgerette: ludo shrugged, picking up on her uncomfortability. "i dunno. it doesnt really come up much at school, i have no reason to cook there. im going to make a really great meal for meg when she comes to stay later this week, what do you think i should make?" he poured some milk into the bowl and gave her a feeble smile, trying to set her at ease again.
MeccaStur: She grinned back at him. "You're going to make dinner for Megs? That's SO adorable Ludo!" She reached over and pinched his cheek gently, teasingly. "I don't know, what do you cook?"
ashleyburgerette: ludo snorted at the grandma like gesture. "i havent goofed anything up to the point of being uneatable, so anything. im really good with fish, though." he sloshed 4 cups of flour into the bowl at once, knowing full well it would make a huge dusty cloud.
MeccaStur: She chuckled, blinking at him through the haze of white. "You powdered my hair." she mock growled. "Evil." Shaking her head and setting loos some of the particles, she bit her lip. "Fish, huh? What's your favorite dish?"
ashleyburgerette: ludo smiled, brushing a few stray locks of hair out of marlenes eyes. "fresh alaskan salmon sauted in a light butter garlic sauce, served on a lemon parasean spread a side of with fettachini alfredo and julianned carrots. but im open to suggestions."
ashleyburgerette: *spread with
MeccaStur: Marlene's jaw dropped open. "Wow. Do that. She'll be impressed. I'm inpressed and I don't even know what that is. Have I ever mentioned I burn water, Ludo? Wow." Taking this as her opputune moment she grabbed some flour and dumped in on his head.
ashleyburgerette: "ACK!" ignoring that his mother enjoyed the kitchen "clean enough to see your reflection in the copper trim on my stove, ludovic", ludo tackled marlene to the ground and rubbed a handful of flour into her hair. for good measure, he tickled her a bit too. "burn water, that's pathetic," he said over her giggles. "if i teach you nothing while you're here, it will be how to boil water and make cookies."
MeccaStur: Giggling madly and squirming she tickled him back, wailing in amusement. "Thank you!" she stuttered out, poking him.
ashleyburgerette: "NO MARLENE!" he cried, gasping through the laughter. "NOT THERE! AAAH!!" he giggled as she found the most ticklish area on his body, just under his ribs.
MeccaStur: "HAHA! I have discovered your weak spot, Ludo! I will triumph!!" she crowed, sitting up and making a champion- fist in the air gesture.
ashleyburgerette: ludo collapsed on the linoleum, still panting and chuckling occasionally, smiling at marlene with mirth in his eyes. "yes, yes, just dont tell meg. she might be tempted to use it against me in a quiddy match." he sat up and leaned against the counter. "ready to finish the dough? we havent even added the most important part yet."
MeccaStur: "The chocolate?" she asked, still sitting on the floor. "And Megs won't get close enough to touch you in a quidditch game, even I know that. I have managed to pick up somethings from six years of living with a quidditch maniac."
ashleyburgerette: ludo smirked at her. "i guess it depends on what you mean by 'quidditch game', doesnt it?" he skirted over to the closet with the chocolate, biting his lip, wondering how marlene would react to his witty remark.
MeccaStur: Marlene snickered then quickly pasted on a prim look. "Mr. Bagman, I don't know if that's entirely the kind of remark one should make around young ladies." she managed the get the whole sentence out before laughing. "Wow."
ashleyburgerette: ludo snorted, once again, and began measuring the aphrodesiac. "why wow?"
MeccaStur: "Because you're not too afraid of Meg to say that" Marlene shrugged, nicking a piece of chocolate from Ludo's measurments and grimacing at the unbaked taste.
ashleyburgerette: "oh im still afraid of her. i'll warrant everyone is. im just comfortable around you. the coookie sheets are in that corner over there, why dont you grab a couple," he said, nodding to the window, stirring the chocolate into the bowl. "frankly im terrified of her sometimes."
MeccaStur: Grabbing the cooking sheets and the materials with which to grease them, Marlene returned to Ludo, a crease between her brows. "Why are you terrified of her? I mean, yeah, she's a bit unnerving, but nothing like that."
ashleyburgerette: ludo paused his stirring to think. after a moment, he finally spoke. "i guess im not terrified of her... im more scared of how life would be if i did something horrendous enough to upset her. im scared of what it would be like if i lost her.. if that makes sense. i guess i connect her anger to my failior." ludo began stirring again, slowly, lost inthought. "maybe im just..."
MeccaStur: "Maybe you just love her." Marlene said gently, pushing his hair back and kissing his cheek in a sisterly way. "i'm happy for you both."
ashleyburgerette: ludo scooped out some dough with his finger and offered it to marlene. "yeah, i know i do. i get so sappy about it, eek!"
MeccaStur: Biting the dough off, she nodded."It's cute though. Cute/Sappy.'
Ashleyburgerette: ludo tasted some dough himself and deemed it worth. So he began plopping tablespoons onto the baking sheets, making small talk with marlene as he worked. Just as the timer went off, indicating the cookies were FINISHED, he cried “NOW let’s get our snow gear on and play!” And not waiting for a reply, he pulled the now cooked and delicious smelling treats out of the oven and dragged marlene out of the house, grabbing coats and mittens and hats and scarves as they went.