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alright, essentially, everyones favourite bitch, kellie... er,… - In The Calm: OOC Community [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Jan. 7th, 2004|10:10 pm]
In the Calm: OOC Journal


alright, essentially, everyones favourite bitch, kellie... er, bertha... has walked in on ludo and marlene. marlene is upset over a recent love triangle issue and ensuing fight and is confiding in ludo, who gives her a hug. cue bertha. mean words and slewn and tensions are high. fun stuff, man, im telling you. fuuun stuuuff.

MeccaStur: Sniffling and rubbing her eyes, Marlene knocked on the Hufflepuff commonroom door, hoping Ludo was there.
ashleyburgerette: ludo looked up from his quiddy magazine. he thought he heard something coming fromthe door. curious, he walked over. "... hello?" he asked, confussed.
MeccaStur: "Ludo?" Marlene sniffled. "Can I talk to you?" she said, feeling really stupid, talking through the door.
ashleyburgerette: "marlene? yeah, yeah, sure. pesky pixie pests," he muttered. the door swung open and he was greated by a red eyed blond.
MeccaStur: "I'm an idiot." she stated, fairly calmly.
ashleyburgerette: "i think it's time for that talk." he replied, just as calm. he put his arm around her waiste and pulled her into the cozy commonroom.
MeccaStur: "I was in James's room. We were er...studying." she began
ashleyburgerette: ludo snorted quietly, leading her to one of the many cushy couches. "yes, go on dear," he said as he sunk down into one.
MeccaStur: "And then Sirius came in." she said sinking down next to him and drawing her knees under her chin. "And he was teasing us. But then Peter came in and he was upset."
ashleyburgerette: "upset? why's that?"
MeccaStur: "that's what I didn't know!" Marlene wailed. "He kissed me once when were studying but it was such a long time ago and he ran away right after so I thought he was just being Peter, but Sirius said he liked me and then Peter punched James!"
MeccaStur: Sniffling a bit, Marlene finished "... And James had a bloody nose! I don't know what to do, Ludo!" Hating crying, she wiped her eyes again.
ashleyburgerette: ludo gave her a half smile. "i cant really offer any constructive advice, just sympathy. and these." he held out his arms and pulled her into a tight hug, stroking her hair, "it'll be fine."
MeccaStur: Sniffling a bit, she crawled, closer into Ludo's hug, clenching to him like a scared child. "Thank you." She whispered against his shoulder, still sniffling a bit.
KakkoiKellie: Trompsing down the stairs, a book in her hands, she paused and blinked. Was that...Ludo and Marlene? A wicked grin formed on her face. "OH HOW CUUUUTE!"
ashleyburgerette: ludo's eyes snapped over to the source of the voice.
MeccaStur: Not moving, Marlene snapped up two fingers in a rude gesture to Bertha
KakkoiKellie: "Oh Marlene and Ludo..so sweet. Really. Marlene, Ludo is a fine person. Much better than that James character. At least he won't cheat on you." She smirked.
ashleyburgerette: (( the irony )) "fuck off, bertha. we're trying to have moment here."
MeccaStur: "At least he won't cheat on my best friend either, you henious bitch." Marlene said causitically. "Who he's dating."
ashleyburgerette: "profusely." he added
KakkoiKellie: "Really." She smirked and crossed her arms.
MeccaStur: "What are you implying, you vile bitch?" Marlene said, not gracing Bertha with her full attention by looiking at her.
ashleyburgerette: ludo reluctantly pulled out ofhis embrace with marlene and stalked over to bertha, stopping only inches from her face. "i want you and your big mouth to walk right out that door," he pointed "and leave us alone."
KakkoiKellie: Bertha leaned forward, her nose touching Ludo's. "Well aren't we the big, bad protector. Sorry. But this is a free area. I can stay if I please."
ashleyburgerette: suppressing his anger, ludo took a step back, pointing at her and breathing hard. "dont ever touch me again." with that, he walked back to marlene and calmly sat down.
MeccaStur: Marlene calmly handed him a handkerchief to wipe his nose with, leaning her head against his shoulder. "You can go now." she told Bertha.
ashleyburgerette: ludo slung an arm around marlenes waiste and nodded his agreement
KakkoiKellie: "No I think I shall stay."
ashleyburgerette: (( no joke! ))
ashleyburgerette: "fine. be that way. marlene, would you like to continue our discussion over some hot chocolate?"
MeccaStur: "Sure. Would you like some Bert- oh." Marlene slapped her head slightly. "I forgot. If dogs get chocolate it makes them ill. I suppose that counts for bitches too."
KakkoiKellie: "Ha. ha. So funny. You're just bitter with envy over truth."
MeccaStur: Marlene snickered. "And what truth would that be?"
KakkoiKellie: "...About James." Waah Kellie wanted to smack the shit outta Bertha.
ashleyburgerette: in order to keep himself from slapping bertha, ludo took hold of marlenes hand
MeccaStur: "What truth about James?" Marlene hissed. "That he's sweet and gentle and cares about me?"
KakkoiKellie: "That you are just another pawn to keep him busy."
MeccaStur: Marlene swallowed against a lump in her throat. "Shut up, Bertha." she hissed.
ashleyburgerette: ludo looked at marlene, and back at bertha, unsure what to do.
KakkoiKellie: "You can tell me to shut up all you like Marlene, dear.." she grinned. "But you know it as well as I do."
ashleyburgerette: in an overly cheerful and unnecessarily loud voice, ludo said "marlene, love, i know for a fact that there is some cheesecake down in the kitchens." he stood up and bowed to her, cordially offering his arm. (cont)
ashleyburgerette: "care for a slice with good old ludo?"
MeccaStur: Decidedly NOT crying through FORCE of WILL Marlene nodded and took his arm.
ashleyburgerette: ludo patted her hand a couple of times, and then flipped bertha the bird. "goodnight, jorkins.:
KakkoiKellie: "Night Waspykins."
MeccaStur: "Fuck you, Bertha." Marlene muttered, leaning against Ludo, utterly spent. Too much drama