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[Jan. 5th, 2004|12:12 am]
In the Calm: OOC Journal



Peter entered the dorm room quietly, so not to startle Remus. At least not to startle him until Peter flopped down on the other boy's bed, turning to his side and saying "Okay, so you're telling me, you know that right?"

Remus started a bit a nearly dropped the book as he looked up. "What?" he asked, blinking bemusedly as he shut the book and tossed it aside.

"Why the moping broodiness. You're starting too look like you're twin brother to the guardian of Dumbledore's office." Peter pointed out.

Remus sighed and shrugged, thankful that he'd at least stopped CRYING (for now). "Am I? Oh. Well, erm." He felt a bit sheepish.

"Which is why I brought THIS." Peter said, leaning down to where he'd dropped his bag and pulling out a bottle of firewhiskey,

Remus cocked an eyebrow. "Trying to get me to drink again?" he asked, sitting up properly and crossing his legs.

"Without the falling over and with the telling me things and not crying anymore." Peter said, sitting up too and mirroring Remus's position as he opened the bottle.

Remus nodded, a bit surprised at himself for this, but it couldn't hurt, could it? "All right. I won't say no this time."

Surprised, Peter nodded, taking a gulp from the bottle, grimancing at the taste before wiping his mouth and handing the bottle to Remus

Remus took the bottle and eyed it a moment before taking a gulp as well. It took him a moment to swallow, as it tasted wretched. But he was rather distraught, so he took another gulp before handing the bottle back.

Taking another swallow, he handed it back to Remus. "I should have gotten something to mix this with, sorry." He crossed his arms, shaking a little. "Now. What's wrong."

Remus took another swig (and another...), his head buzzing slightly. "I'm an idiot," he said before taking one last swig before handing it back to Peter.

Taking another swallow his head starting to blur pleasantly, Peter shook his head. "Doubt that, but why do you say so?"

Remus rubbed his forehead and took the bottle from Peter, intent on another swig, because once you took a few tries, it wasn't SOOOOO bad...really. He was gettling pleasantly dizzy. "Because I said absolutely horrid things to someone I shouldn't have."

"Okay, everyone does that." Peter said, not nearly as drunk as Remus. "What did you say. And to who?"

Remus drank a bit more (and by a bit...I mean an unhealthy amount), now feeling a bit tipsy. "To Sirius," he said, blinking because things had gone a bit fuzzy. " And he took another swig.

"What ddi you say?" Peter said, a little tipsy. "Did you tell him he was a bad kisser or somethin'?"

Remus grimmaced as he took another dangerous swig. He was now entirely tipsy, having never really been able to hold alcohol in the first place. "I..." he hiccoughed. "Told him a lot of things that were reeeaally rather stupid." Another hiccough, and he laughed lightly.
Mauradingrat: "But it's Sirius. He's used to you saying stupid things. We've all know you forever." Yeah. Peter doesn't hold alcohol well either

Remus frowned, but since he was out of it, it wasn't entirely convincing. "What was that supposed to imply, Peter! I do not always say stupid things!" His frown faded when the world spun again.

"Not always," Peter grinned. "You okay, Remus? And you've not said why you're upset. Is Sirius pouting or somethign? Are you guilting again?"

"He broke up with me," Remus said, suddenly looking sullen, although still quite off his rocker. "He told me to leave permanently." He hiccoughed. "Ugh," he said, taking another long swig. He needed more alcohol.

"Oh, Remus." Peter said, looking close to tears. He shipped Remus/Sirius hardcore. "He didn't mean it. YOu know Padfoot. He loves you."

Remus shook his head, having drank enough to make himself thoroughly drunk. "He meant it," he said, slurring the words slightly. "You didn't hear him. And besides. I deserved it."

"The hell." Peter said, patting Remus akwardly on the head. "It'll work out. It has to. You love each other." Peter said with a slopply, mushy grin

Remus grinned a bit as well, though it was lopsided and didn't last for more than a fleeting moment. "I know that I love him, but I don't--" He hiccoughed. "Think he's too..too...too..FOND of me."

"He loves you." Peter insisted. "I know it." he slurred slightly. "Oh, Moony. The Mauraders are not maurading well together."

Remus nodded, expression as solemn as he could make it. "I know. I don't underssstand, Worms. I just don't." The bottle was nearly empty now. "I'm a berk yess. I think. Ugh. M'head."

"You're not a berk. He's a berk. You're great. Ow." Peter closed his eyes tightly, laying back on the bed, clenching his head.

Remus, fell back on the other end of the bed. "Ugh. Sick. Am not a berk. I mean...Si--Padfoot isn't a berk. I am." He shut his eyes tightly.

"You're not. You're Moony. You're so far from berk-...er...berkhood? that you're something else. Somethign cool."

"Am I really? I don't think I am, or I wouldn't have been so s-stupid." He opened his eyes and groaned. "Why do I always get in these situations, Worms?"

"Ince..Encr-...Really bad Luck." Peter said closing his eyes.

Remus nodded. And shut his eyes once more. "Horr-Really bad luck yess."

"I'm going to die now." Peter whispered, pressing his face into Remus's pillow

"Are not," Remus protested, drinking the last of the firewhiskey and groaning. "But I am."

"we'll die together." Peter moaned, "Keep each other company being dead."

"Sounds like a plan. Let's get it underway with the dying thing then."

Peter moaned and fell asleep.